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Weiping Zeng

Hi to all the awesome people of PNW. My name is Weiping Zeng. I have been living in Port Angeles for about 6 years now. The stunning picturesque scenery of Peninsula always amazes me. The caring, passionate, respectable residents of our community makes me believe that this is the best place to raise my kids. I am fortunate to call this town my home. With my own experience finding perfect house for my family through Coldwell Banker Uptown Realty, I know that CBU is a highly ethical, knowledgeable, supportive company. I am honored to be a new member of CBU. I am excited for the opportunity to serve and grow with our community. As a real estate professional with international background, I am fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. My goal is to help my clients success in their goals!